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From Simple email problems to helping you get through the sometimes nightmarish nameserver change, we can help you get your problem resolved and back on track to a successful website and email management. We can even show you how to manage your content and make search engines find your website better through content enhancement. Email us or chat with us for help today!

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Latest CuBit Tutorials:

Using Photoshop to Resize a Folder of Images
on Saturday, October 25 2014
If you're setting up a website gallery, or if you have a shopping cart with many product images you're going to face the problem of resizing your images. I say problem because this can take a long time to open each photo in a photo editor, resize them and save them. If you have anywhere from 10 to hundreds of photos that need to be sized down to fit your visitors screen or …
CuBit Tutorial 36 - Search Engine Friendly URLs
on Saturday, February 22 2014
This tutorial very briefly shows you how to utilize CuBit's search engine friendly URL feature, or Page "Alias" field. It's a very simple and short video but we explain and show you how an effective and search engine optimized  URL or address can be created which will enhance your website's ability to be found higher ranking on search engines.  
CuBit Tutorial 35 - File and Image Manager
on Tuesday, January 28 2014
The File Manager is essentially the built-in program CuBit uses to help you manage your images and various files. You can create folders as well as deleting and uploading new images. You can also edit images through the image editor which includes the ability to rotate, crop, resize, mirroring images. This video tutorial's purpose is just to familiarize you with the basic func …
CuBit Tutorial 34 - Flash Animated Text Area
on Tuesday, January 28 2014
All of our newer websites come equipped with 1 to 2 flash animated text areas. These areas are very effective in getting a message across to your visitor when they first land on your page. The message that you type in this area will animate in, sit on their screen for a few moments (long enough for them to read the message), then animate out. Then the message will repeat on a l …
CuBit Tutorial 33 - Editing Blocks
on Tuesday, January 28 2014
This video explains how to edit certain sections of your website's template. Of course the template is all of the elements of your website that remains consistent across each page. For instance, the header, the menu, the footer, and in some cases, areas just below the menu or above the footer. Updating your blocks will make it extremely easy to update your website's template b …
CuBit Tutorial 32 - Styling Your Content
on Tuesday, January 28 2014
Most people think that it's hard enough to learn how to do the basic editing in your website but then manage to get past the initial steps and begin really taking control of their website. But one thing that seems to overwhelm a lot of people is the concept of making their website look like it was designed by a professional. Well now with CuBit, you can create natural looking …
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Latest Marketing Articles:

Steps to upload a custom Twitter profile header background
on Friday, February 28 2014
Login to your Twitter account Click Settings (a "gear" icon in the upper right hand corner) Then click "Profile" Then under "Header" choose the "Change header" then "Upload photo" Select your file and click "open" Click "Apply" Scroll down and clic …
Steps to upload a custom Twitter page background
on Friday, February 28 2014
Login to your Twitter account Click Settings (a "gear" icon in the upper right hand corner) Then click "Settings" Then click "Design" Then under "Customize your own" choose the "Change Background" then "Choose existing image" Select your file and …
Creating a Call to Action for your website
on Saturday, December 14 2013
  CTA is our acronym for "Call To Action". The purpose of a CTA is to get your visitor to do something with the page they planned on. In some cases you might want your visitor to fill out a quote request form and start the line of communication wit …

Latest Tech Support Article:

Beware of the FAKE Dun & BradStreet Email
on Monday, October 6 2014
Beware of the FAKE Dun & BradStreet Email that a scam artist out there is using to get you to open a very dangerous Email attachment. According to Dun & BradStreet themselves, the dead give away is the "Zipped Attachment". If it has an attachmen …
Solution to the common email error: 0x8CCC0003
on Wednesday, October 30 2013
Problem: Email Error that reads something like this:"Problem sending a Photo Email. Delete the photo email, create a new one, and try to send it again." Solution: Check your outbox to make sure you don't have an email that's stuck and not able to send o …
Solution to a common Email Error... 553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts
on Thursday, October 24 2013
Problem: Email Error that reads something like this: "The rejected e-mail address was ''. Subject 'SUBJECT LINE HERE', Account: 'YOUR ACCOUNT NAME', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '553 sorry, that d …

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