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Getting Started with CuBit


We recommend using FireFox for editing your site, not Internet Explorer because Internet Explorer doesn't maintain the HTML standards causing various features to not work correctly. Download Firefox for free now, it's a MUCH safer and faster browser anyway: 

Here's a look at the toolbar once you get logged in 



1. Never paste anything directly into the website, always use the Paste from Word button (see screen shot above).
2. Always Archive (backup) your page before you start editing, just in case you need to restore from the archive.   -


Introduction to CuBit
on Sunday, April 7 2013
Congratulations on your new website! The two videos on this page are going to be a simple introduction to CuBit. They will give you a general overview of all the buttons and toolbars you will use throughout the website editing process. Not everything you see in these videos will necessarily be available on your website unless you've upgraded your website with the add-on features shown in the tutorials but the basics are there even in the simplest form of CuBit. These two vodeos do give you a goo …
CuBit Tutorial 1 - Basic Text Editing
on Monday, April 8 2013
This tutorial shows you how to go in and edit your website's text by adjusting the boldness, italics, font, font color, and font size. This tutorial also shows you how to go about checking your website after the changes to verify it looks the way you want it to and that your changes were saved correctly.
Cubit Tutorial 2 - Working with Images
on Monday, April 8 2013
This tutorial shows you how to Upload an image (photograph), resize it and rename it in the editor. It also shows you how to insert the image or logo into your website and format text to go around it. Including Left and right justification so your image or logo can be placed where you want it in the content.
Cubit Tutorial 3 - Working with PDF files and Setting Links
on Monday, April 8 2013
 This tutorial shows you how to upload a PDF Document and create both a Text Link to the file and a Graphic or Image Link to the file. Also how to make that file open in a separate window so your visitor doesn't leave your website after closing that page.
Cubit Tutorial 4 - Creating and Renaming Pages
on Monday, April 8 2013
  This tutorial shows you how to create a new page as well as rename an existing page. You will also learn how to change the order the buttons (or pages) appear in the main menu.
Cubit Tutorial 5 - Creating Rollover Buttons
on Monday, April 8 2013
  This tutorial shows you how to create a Rollover (or Image Swap) effect on a button. This effect can be used also in a "Before and After" photo if you want to give the visitor a more interactive experience.
Cubit Tutorial 6 - Creating Links in the Main Menu and Sub-pages
on Monday, April 8 2013
This tutorial shows you how to create main menu links, hide pages so they do not appear in the main menu and creating sub-pages that will only be accessible through a specific page within your website.
Cubit Tutorial 7 - Working with Meta Tags
on Tuesday, April 9 2013
  This tutorial shows you how to correctly write your Meta Description which is the text below your page title on a Google or other search engine listing. You will also learn how to write your keywords correctly without redundancy and without being penalized for abuse of the keyword portion of your website. **Please note: You can setup DIFFERENT keywords and Page Descriptions for Each  …
Cubit Tutorial 8 - Creating a Gallery or Portfolio using Quick Gallery
on Tuesday, April 9 2013
This tutorial shows you how to create a gallery with click to enlarge images. Basically you upload all the images you want to appear in this gallery into a special folder on your website and then copy the code below... For a "Click-to-Enlarge" styled gallery, use this code: {quick_gallery dir="uploads/gallery" ui="default" sort="date" twidth="160" theight="130" titles="1" reflections="1"} For a "Slide Show …
Cubit Tutorial 9 - Working with Tables and Cells
on Tuesday, April 9 2013
This tutorial shows you how to arrange your content using tables and cells.(Much like those in Microsoft Word The following links will take you to a page with everything you need to create a table structure for a CuBit page. All you do on the page is: 1. Hold down "Control" + "A" to select all2. Then "Control" + "C" to copy3. Paste that into CuBit to get your Table.   Table Template 1 Table Template 2 Table Template 3  …
Cubit Tutorial 10 - Creating and Editing Forms
on Tuesday, April 9 2013
  This tutorial will show you how to create and modify an existing Contact Form. We've made the form building process a piece of cake. Tools used in this video: Landing URL:
Cubit Tutorial 11 - Inserting a Youtube Video
on Tuesday, April 9 2013
Ok, YouTube does most of the work for you, all you need to do is copy the code and insert it into the HTML of your page. Please be careful though, if you don't follow our instructions to the letter (pun intended) you may break your page. If you don't want YouTube to display competitors videos at the end of your video,simply put this at the end of your "SRC"... ?rel=0 If you don't have a YouTube account.... 1. Create a Yout …
Cubit Tutorial 12 - Editing Your Calendar of Events
on Tuesday, April 9 2013
Most people just build a vertical list of events with the month in bold
Cubit Tutorial 13 - Creating and Modifying your PayPal Button
on Tuesday, April 9 2013
FINALLY! Now you can build a complete shopping cart/store on your Cubit site! This is an upgrade but well worth it! Contact your salesperson today to upgrade and start building your shopping cart today!
CuBit Tutorial 14 - Inserting a Featured Content Slider
on Monday, April 15 2013
This tutorial is for CuBit users that have the Upgrade: Featured Content Slider Login to CuBit Click on "Widget Manager" (at the top) Click on "Featured Content Slider" Click the "Browse" button on "Slide 1" to upload your slide (see instructions below for image size and file type). Type in a message in the "Caption" Section and set a link if you want to. Repeat the steps above for each slide (Click "Add Slide" for each new slide). Click "Save" if you're done. Go to your home page and …
CuBit Tutorial 15 - Inserting Your Logo in CuBit
on Tuesday, April 16 2013
Having a professional logo makes all the difference in the world for your business. This tutorial will cover how to insert a logo through Cubit. It also covers the text that comes with your default website, or stock website, where it says "Company Name Here". The two major important components to this task are, making sure that your logo is sized correctly to fit the header (it must be 72 dpi) and preferably in the .PNG format. Your Logo needs to be sized to fit your Header. It must be 72dpi, …
CuBit Tutorial 16 - Creating a Product Page Template
on Tuesday, May 14 2013
If you sell products on your website, or you have one of our shopping carts, then you will want to watch this video tutorial. It will teach you how to create a product page template so that you can insert your products. You will be creating a page in Cubit (the website editor) and using two other parts (links) from the tutorials, they are preformatted codes that can also be found in site- tech-support. Once you've created your initial product template, you can then replicate it for future produc …
CuBit Tutorial 17 - Customizing a Product Page Template
on Tuesday, May 14 2013
Once you've created a product template page now you will want to customize it with putting in your photo of the product, the different options that the product has as far as what you offer, and of course the pricing. This video tutorial will take you through the process of customizing your product template page step-by-step. The important thing to remember is having your information including your PayPal email address, the various product options, and your product photo ready and loaded before y …
CuBit Tutorial 18 - Cloning or Duplicating a Product Page
on Tuesday, May 14 2013
Once you have created and customized your product page then you will want to probably add new products. That's what this video is all about, duplicating your current product template page and then adding in new product variables such as new product photo, new-product pricing, and new-product options. This video tutorial will take you step-by-step through the website editor (Cubit) and the process of duplicating your product template page. Other Related Lessons: CuBit Tutorials
CuBit Tutorial 19 - Using Paint to make Thumbnail Buttons
on Wednesday, May 15 2013
Want to make your own icons and thumbnails to link to your products. This is the video tutorial that will teach you how to do so. This video will show you step-by-step how to use Microsoft Paint to create smaller thumbnail versions of the products pictures you want to represent. You can also create icons that you can use as links throughout your website. Other Related Lessons: CuBit Tutorials
CuBit Tutorial 20 - Making a Category Page
on Wednesday, May 15 2013
If you have products and you have already created a customized product template page and made custom icons or thumbnails to represent them the next thing you're going to want to make is the category page so that people can actually choose which product they want from a single page. In this video tutorial the will we will walk you through step-by-step in the website editor on how to make your product icons in the category page link to the corresponding product in your product page. Other Relat …
CuBit Tutorial 21 - How to make your site live - AKA: Changing Your Default or HOME Page
on Thursday, June 20 2013
When we first hand the website off to some clients, we have the website set to a "Coming Soon" page or in some cases the website is pointed to "redirect" to another website like an old website if we are redesigning it, or even a facebook page until it's finished and launched. So this short tutorial is really just to show you how to make your website live or "Launch" your website. It's so fast and easy, it's just a single click of a button. The house icon means this page is the default or "Home" …
CuBit Tutorial 22 - Creating a Blog Post
on Saturday, December 7 2013
This video tutorial will get you started with the whole world of blogging and in creating a blog post for your website. Blogging is a great way to increase your search engine optimization, and a great way to relate to your customers about your product or services. We'll take you through the website editor (Cubit) step-by-step showing you how to create a category first, and then how to create the post for that category, as well as inserting a corresponding photo. This is the first video tutorial …
CuBit Tutorial 23 - Inserting a Link to Your Blog and a Blog Roll
on Saturday, December 7 2013
This video tutorial will teach you the mechanics of inserting, creating, and managing the actual blog posts, links, and categories throughout your website and on individual web pages. If you want to create a BLOG Roll on your home page, or change the amount of characters the viewer/visitor will see,  as well as what order (oldest or newest first), the tutorial will cover these aspects and much more about the procedure of inserting your BLOG into the proper places and with the proper HTML Co …
CuBit Tutorial 24 - Interact with Your Readers and ask them to Vote
on Saturday, December 7 2013
This video will teach you how to interact with your blog readers by showing you how to insert a voting feature with your blog. This is a good way to keep your audience attentive, and wanting to revisit your site to see how others have voted. This is a simple interactive tool and added feature that comes with your blog, and not meant to gather hard data. Contact your sales person if you would like to get the Blog Module installed on your website.
CuBit Tutorial 25 - Managing Comments on Your Blog
on Saturday, December 7 2013
So if you do allow comments or commentary in your blogs this is the video tutorial that will allow you to manage those particular comments. It will also show you that we can disable the comment feature if needed or simply delete a particular comment if you feel like its negative. This is a very simple process through our website editor (Cubit) and another added feature of having a blog. Contact your sales person if you would like to get the Blog Module installed on your website.
CuBit Tutorial 26 - Page Peel
on Saturday, December 7 2013
Want to enhance the image of your website and increase your marketing results? Get a Page Peel!This widget feature falls under the "Call-to-Action" widget family. This Tutorial will give you the step by step instructions on how to install and edit your Page Peel Feature, as well as familiarize you with the various settings and options available.   Contact your sales person if you would like to get the Page Peel installed on your website. *To learn more about the "Call-to-Action" widg …
CuBit Tutorial 27 - Flyout Tab
on Saturday, December 7 2013
The fly out tab widget feature falls under the "Call-to-Action" widget family and is designed to give you a unique place to display a new message or special, a different place to put the search box, place a video, Facebook or Twitter feed, or just about anything you want to get across to your visitor. This is a powerful tool to really focus your traffic landing on the Home Page into or onto the next step. This is called a conversion and is a very important part of your total marketing strategy; …
CuBit Tutorial 28 - Inline Message Widget
on Saturday, December 7 2013
If you're interested in making a special bulletin, a special offer, a holiday greeting, a current event, or even just a simple welcome statement on your website. The in-line message widget is the perfect tool for this. In this video tutorial we will show you step-by-step how to set the in-line message widget through the website editor (Cubit) to either show up on a single page or on every page. Contact your sales person if you would like to get the Inline Message Widget installed on your webs …
CuBit Tutorial 29 - Archive or Backing Up Your Page
on Saturday, December 7 2013
Most people who start editing their website in CuBit are new to managing a website. We understand that sometimes a mistake can me made and since you're saving the page and the page is reloading you cannot undo your work like you can in a standard desktop program like Microsoft Word. So we have created an "Archiving Feature" for you when you want to save a backup copy of your page once you reach the point of completion. The way this feature works is you simply click the Archive Content button (s …
CuBit Tutorial 30 - PhotoFX
on Sunday, December 8 2013
Now you can create professional looking pages without having to learn how to use Photoshop or another expensive and complicated design program. You also don't have to pay a designer to do your website work because you can now do it with only 3 clicks! Check out the video to see how easy it is! The lengthy explanation on how to do it is literally only 2:28 long!  
CuBit Tutorial 31 - Working with Heading Tags and adding Shadows & Glows to Your Text
on Saturday, December 14 2013
Sometimes text (when just pasted in or written) can visually seem boring. So we have come up with a way to help you enhance your lettering without having to learn an expensive and complicated graphic design program to add drop shadows or special effects to your text. Aside from the fact that you're not having to insert images to get these effects you're also able to maintain the text value for the message you're trying to enhance (your website will have more actual highlightable text instead of …
CuBit Tutorial 32 - Styling Your Content
on Tuesday, January 28 2014
Most people think that it's hard enough to learn how to do the basic editing in your website but then manage to get past the initial steps and begin really taking control of their website. But one thing that seems to overwhelm a lot of people is the concept of making their website look like it was designed by a professional. Well now with CuBit, you can create natural looking drop shadows, photo frames and effects as well as 3-D looking drop shadows on text. You can also take advantage of our l …
CuBit Tutorial 33 - Editing Blocks
on Tuesday, January 28 2014
This video explains how to edit certain sections of your website's template. Of course the template is all of the elements of your website that remains consistent across each page. For instance, the header, the menu, the footer, and in some cases, areas just below the menu or above the footer. Updating your blocks will make it extremely easy to update your website's template because blocks are one central location that you can make a change that will update your entire website all at one time ( …
CuBit Tutorial 34 - Flash Animated Text Area
on Tuesday, January 28 2014
All of our newer websites come equipped with 1 to 2 flash animated text areas. These areas are very effective in getting a message across to your visitor when they first land on your page. The message that you type in this area will animate in, sit on their screen for a few moments (long enough for them to read the message), then animate out. Then the message will repeat on a loop. You can easily modify the message, the font size, the font style, and the font color so it suits your needs and th …
CuBit Tutorial 35 - File and Image Manager
on Tuesday, January 28 2014
The File Manager is essentially the built-in program CuBit uses to help you manage your images and various files. You can create folders as well as deleting and uploading new images. You can also edit images through the image editor which includes the ability to rotate, crop, resize, mirroring images. This video tutorial's purpose is just to familiarize you with the basic functionality of managing the files and folders on your website.
CuBit Tutorial 36 - Search Engine Friendly URLs
on Saturday, February 22 2014
This tutorial very briefly shows you how to utilize CuBit's search engine friendly URL feature, or Page "Alias" field. It's a very simple and short video but we explain and show you how an effective and search engine optimized  URL or address can be created which will enhance your website's ability to be found higher ranking on search engines.  
Using Photoshop to Resize a Folder of Images
on Saturday, October 25 2014
If you're setting up a website gallery, or if you have a shopping cart with many product images you're going to face the problem of resizing your images. I say problem because this can take a long time to open each photo in a photo editor, resize them and save them. If you have anywhere from 10 to hundreds of photos that need to be sized down to fit your visitors screen or they need to be sized down to fit within some content and have text wrap around it nicely, then you need your images r …
System Fonts
on Tuesday, August 11 2015
These are the 10 Fonts that are standard on every computer Windows (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10), Apple and Linux. Trebuchet:This is a sample of text using a different font. Look at this paragraph to determine if you like what you see using this font. This is a sample of text using a different font. Look at this paragraph to determine if you like what you see using this font.This is a sample of text using a different font. Look at this paragraph to determine if you like what you see using t …
Responsive Table Templates
on Saturday, September 26 2015
2 Column Table Template: This is a Title This is some content. This is some content.This is some content. This is some content. This is some content.This is some content.This is some content. This is some content. This is some content.This is some content.This is some content. This is some content. This is some content.This is some content.This is some content. This is some content. This is some content. This is some content. This is some content. This is some content. This is a T …
Introducing WOW FX!
on Friday, January 1 2016
WowFx are a modern way of grabbing your visitor's attention and bringing their eye to what you want them to see as they scroll down your page. It's an interactive way to present the content as they read or view the content. Below you will see a demo of how it works but also keep scrolling to see all of the effects in action. Scroll down....                       bounce           flash    …
Setting Up Your UPS Module Shipping Info
on Sunday, January 17 2016
We will need the following information from your UPS Account in order to setup your cart to connect to the UPS servers and provide your customers with a selection of shipping options. Zip code from where packages ship (5 digit number) UPS Access License Key (Usually 16 letters and numbers) UPS Username UPS Password (Please login and verify this is correct before sending) UPS Account Number (Usually 6 letters and numbers) UPS shipping service types you want to offer:   &bul …
A Better way to take Screen Shots!
on Friday, April 15 2016
When we come across handy tools that save us time and make our job easier.. naturally we want to pass those along. We started using the Screenshot program by lightshot and unlike the snipping tool that your computer comes with, this one is feature rich. Take a look at the video and link below and enjoy! Free screen shot program for Mac or PC: