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Using Photoshop to Resize a Folder of Images


If you're setting up a website gallery, or if you have a shopping cart with many product images you're going to face the problem of resizing your images. I say problem because this can take a long time to open each photo in a photo editor, resize them and save them. If you have anywhere from 10 to hundreds of photos that need to be sized down to fit your visitors screen or they need to be sized down to fit within some content and have text wrap around it nicely, then you need your images resized. You can't just upload a 3,000px by 4,000px image because it's going to make your page load slowly and it's going to take an eternity for you to upload them all.

You can use PhotoShop to shrink down a full folder of photos or images that are too big to upload to your website with this easy to follow tutorial. You can use any version of PhotoShop for this, they all use generally the same process.

  1. Open PhotoShop
  2. Click File
  3. Click Scripts
  4. Click Image Processor
  5. Choose the folder you want to run this script on (which contains all of the large images)
  6. Select "Save in Same Location" (or choose a new location if you prefer)
  7. Set your file type to the following settings:
    - Check the box for "Save to Jpeg"
    - Quality: 10
    - Check the box for "Convert Profile to sRGB"
    - Check the box for "Resize to Fit"
    - Then set your dimensions
            We recommend 800 x 800 for popup large images
            and 260 x 260 for small images if they are only going to be images that will have text wrapping around it.

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