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Cubit Tutorial 8 - Creating a Gallery or Portfolio using Quick Gallery


This tutorial shows you how to create a gallery with click to enlarge images. Basically you upload all the images you want to appear in this gallery into a special folder on your website and then copy the code below...

For a "Click-to-Enlarge" styled gallery, use this code:

{quick_gallery dir="uploads/gallery" ui="default" sort="date" twidth="160" theight="130" titles="1" reflections="1"}

For a "Slide Show" styled gallery, use this code:

{quick_gallery dir="uploads/gallery" ui="galleria" sort="date" autoplay="1" captions="1" gallery_width="892" gallery_height="450"}

Then make sure you modify the code to point the Quick Gallery to the correct path (folder).
(uploads/gallery should be whatever folder you create and upload your files into for that gallery.


Gallery Images need to be:

1. Max size 900 pixels either direction (12.5 inches)
2. 72dpi
4. Jpeg, PNG, or Gif
5. Name the files what you want the caption to display.

For instance name the file:

and it will display like this:
This Is How You Should Name A File 

70 characters max (including spaces/underscores)

Use only letters, dashes, underscores and numbers,
nothing else when naming them.

Now you're ready to make UNLIMITED Galleries!

Rename all the images with a short message/title for each photo
(use ONLY Numbers, Letters and Underscores for Spaces... NOTHING else)


Our Click to Enlarge Gallery

Our Slideshow Gallery 


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