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CuBit Tutorial 15 - Inserting Your Logo in CuBit


Having a professional logo makes all the difference in the world for your business. This tutorial will cover how to insert a logo through Cubit. It also covers the text that comes with your default website, or stock website, where it says "Company Name Here". The two major important components to this task are, making sure that your logo is sized correctly to fit the header (it must be 72 dpi) and preferably in the .PNG format.

Your Logo needs to be sized to fit your Header. It must be 72dpi, RGB, and one of the following formats: jpeg, png, gif. However, if you really want your website to look professionally done, you need to use a Transparent PNG file, 72dpi, RGB.

  1. Login to your Website
  2. Click on any page (Home, About Us, Services, etc)
  3. Then click on the "Insert Image" button...
  4. Go into the "header_logo" folder. Click on the icon that looks like this...
  5. Upload your logo file into this folder (make sure you always ONLY have one file in this folder)
  6. Close out of all those windows once it uploads successfully
       (no need to save anything because you haven't done anything more than just upload the image to the header_logo folder)
  7. Then check your logo on the front end to make sure your logo looks correct.

Contact your salesperson for a Custom Designed Logo or any custom design
work that might need to be done to your existing logo.

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