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CuBit Tutorial 29 - Archive or Backing Up Your Page


Most people who start editing their website in CuBit are new to managing a website. We understand that sometimes a mistake can me made and since you're saving the page and the page is reloading you cannot undo your work like you can in a standard desktop program like Microsoft Word. So we have created an "Archiving Feature" for you when you want to save a backup copy of your page once you reach the point of completion.

The way this feature works is you simply click the Archive Content button (shown below) and your page is backed up in a separate area in the database. Should you need to restore your page back to the last archived copy, all you do is click the restore content button on the right (see screen shot below). Just remember that if you're going to restore content it's going to be restored from the last archived copy. You're welcome!   :)

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