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How To Transfer a Domain OUT of AT&T Domains


Step 1: AT&T Changes 

1: Login to the NEW AT&T Domain/Hosting Control Panel (because they have recently changed this, see rant below)

Login Page:
(FYI: I spent an HOUR trying to make changes to their old one and nothing worked after days of waiting for all the changes I made to finally take affect until I was told by a tech support person that they have a new website to manage all your domains with through. But of course they failed to redirect their old control panel visitors to an actual "working" control panel and instead they decided to leave it up with no notes or anything letting people know that anything they change will be pointless and just waste their time.)

Okay, enough ranting and on to the steps.

2: Click EPP Code/ Password Management

3: Check the box of the domain you wish to receive the EPP Code for.

4: Click the "Request Button" (Probably a good idea to verify you are the Registrant of the domain before you click this button, and this can be done by going to the "Domain Contacts Tab" on this page) 

5: Check Your Email and move on to Step 2 with the information you received in that email.


Step 2: Changes

Please note: AT&T is not a "real registrar", they are merely a reseller of out of Australia. So all that e-mail is giving you is your special login information to get into the MelbourneIT account where you actually manage the domain name.

Below is what the e-mail you will receive looks like (instructions):

You have started the process of transferring your domain name to another Registrar. Our domain Registrar requires the following two-step process to obtain your EPP (Transfer Authorization) Code:

(1) First, obtain the Registry Key. The Registry Key for is pm4ksdr5 (this is just an example).

(2) After you have received your Registry Key you are ready to obtain the EPP (Transfer Authorization) Code from the Registrar:
   1: Click on the link below to access the Registrar’s login site:
   2: Log in with the domain name and the Registry Key provided above in Step 1;
   3: Click on "Retrieve Domain Name (authinfo) Password" and the EPP (Transfer Authorization) Code will be displayed.

Please note that domain names must display as "NO-LOCK" in the Registrar system before you can transfer to another registrar. If the Lock Status displays as "CUSTOMER-LOCK," you will need to click on "Unlock Domain Name" which is a link found under “Domain Details” right above "Retrieve Domain Name (authinfo) Password."

Once you have obtained your EPP (Transfer Authorization) Code, you may now initiate a transfer request through the new registrar.







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