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How to set the default image size to original & get rid of the drop shadow when embedding images in Windows Live Mail


If you're anything like me, you're just never satisfied with the default settings in a program. Well it took me a little while to figure it out and I'll probably forget the next time I install Windows Live Mail so I'm creating this blog post for myself as well as anyone else out there that needs to stop wasting time trying to find the answer on their own.

I have grown tired of resetting the size and drop shadow settings on an image when I inserted into the body of an email in Windows Live Mail. So I've adjusted the settings with the way I'd like them and clicked the set to default button that is so well hidden in Windows Live Mail.

It's pretty simple actually, just take a look at my screenshots below.

Select the image you've inserted into your email message and under "Picture Tools" you will see some formatting options...

  1. Click the size button and set it to "Original"
  2. Select the Non-Shadowed image
  3. Finally, click the "Set to default" button and that's it!

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