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Windows Live Mail - Accidentally Clicked Offline Button



User Accidentally clicked the "Go Offline" Button in Windows Live Mail (Windows 7) and couldn't get it to go back online again. This is a bug with Windows Live Mail due to the fact that Microsoft assumes everyone uses the Internet Exploder. Side note: Restarting the computer does NOT fix this.


Microsoft loves to connect one program to another in a greedy attempt to keep you using their products and become completely dependent upon them (just my biased opinion). However, the fix is very simple. All you have to do is go into Internet Exploder (explorer), then click "File" then "Go Offline" then "Go Online" again.

That's it! Fixed!


Newly added note:

With Internet Explorer 11, they seem to have removed the option to go offline, so this will be a problem for you. However, I have found a post online that claims to have the solution for those who use IE 11.

Welcome to Microsoft Community. We appreciate the time you took to let us know the problems that you have been experiencing. This is usually caused by a setting in your Internet Explorer that sets your Windows Live Mail to work offline. To fix this, we request that you follow the instruction below.


1. Open your Internet Explorer.

2. In the browser window, press these keys on your keyboard, ALT + F and click Work Offline. (Ensure that the work offline option is not checked.) In case that the option is already unchecked, please check and uncheck the option again to refresh the settings.

3. After doing so, launch Windows Live Mail and check if the issue still occurs.

*Windows Live Mail MUST be running when you do this or it will not work.

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