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How to get your ConstantContact Embed Code for your website.


Step 1: Login to your account

Step 2: Click on "Contacts Growth Tools" in the main menu.

Step 3: Next to the "Sign-Up Form" click the "Actions" drop down button and choose "Embed Code"

Step 4: Copy the code and paste it into a notepad file. Email that to us or continue to the next step to embed it yourself!

Email us at:

Step 5 (for confident CuBit users only):
   1. Login to CuBit
   2. Go to the page you want to embed your form on (usually the home page)
   3. Archive your page in case you break it. (just click the Archive Content button in the lower right hand corner below your editor box on the page you embed your form on, usually the home page).
   4. Scroll down and type in ZZZ in the area you'd like your form to be placed.
   5. Click the HTML button in the upper left hand corner of the toolbar in CuBit.
   6. Search the page for your ZZZ text you typed and then replace that ZZZ with your code but you MUST Wrap your code in Literal Tags (see screen shot of how it should look, below)...

   7. Click Update then Apply.
   8. Then Check the form on the front end to ensure everything worked properly.

If so, you're Done! If NOT, click the restore content button and email us to do if to you. It's free!  :)

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Happy Email Marketing!

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