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Create Mutually Beneficial Business Relationships


Working with businesses that are not competitive but related to your business is a great way to gain more customers. Often customers who are visiting your website are looking for other services or items that are related to yours. Offering to promote similar but not competing businesses in exchange for the promotion of yours is a great way to generate more business. 

Banner and ad exchanges can be used for this purpose and simple word of mouth from related business owners works great as well. If you are placing a print ad offer to team up with a related business for larger ad space and mutual benefits.   For example, if you have a patio furniture business you may want to team up with an awning or pool business to help you both.

Don’t forget that knowing other ways to help your customers will always make them feel more comfortable in doing business with you.  Suggesting related businesses that they may look into not only shows that you care about them. You’re also helping your customers by getting rid of wasted time they would have spent searching for related items or services.

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