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Creating a Call to Action to Get Your Visitor to DO Something!


Create a Call to Action to get your visitors to DO something!To create an effective marketing plan you will need to have a powerful and enticing "Call to Action". A Call to Action is some form of clear request by you to your visitor to DO something. Whether it's filling out a quote request form, calling you today, signing up for your service or services, watching a short online commercial, or purchasing your product. Most successful sales processes consist of 1 or 2 and even multiple steps, each of which contain "one" Call to Action.

You need to tell your visitor what they need to do because most people are searching for help or for products because they're out of their area of expertise. They're usually uncertain about the steps or processes involved in making their decision so a quick internet search is usually the first step. By giving them a clear "Next Step" you're helping them to move forward more quickly and more confidently.

It's VERY important that the Call to Action is a compelling suggestion or request. For example if you are selling a monthly service through a subscription, you can say something like: "Sign up today and get TWO months FREE!" or "Get a FREE month of service when you prepay for the year!"

You should also set a deadline or expiration date on your offer to create a sense of urgency and make them "act now" instead of putting it off. Of course you will need to update your page when it's time to change the expiration date and offer a different deal. We recommend you plan a series of Call to Actions for a few months in advance, maybe quartlery.

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