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Testimonials are Powerful and can really help in closing that sale


Nothing invites and encourages trust more than someone else saying your great! The testimonials of current happy clients are like gold nuggets so do not pass on asking your clients for honest appraisals of your business.


It may be awkward at first, to ask, but its well worth it. Now the question becomes when to ask, which is debatable. I have found, however, at the end of a project is the optimum time to ask for a testimonial. And keep in mind testimonials do not have to be written. They can be audio or video as well.


It’s probably a good idea to offer your client something in return for their testimonial. And it’s a good idea to follow these rules of thumb.

  • Be sure to use them on your website, emails and other material.
  • Ask for the testimony.
  • Authenticate the testimony by providing a real picture and a real name.
  • When possible, make your testimonial quantifiable by adding real numbers and hard data. For example “I saved $100 by going with “Company Name”.
  •  Be sure to ask that their testimony be specific versus vague and general. The statement “Company Name was great” has no value. However, the statement “Company Name showed me exactly how to use the editing features of my website. Now I control my own website’s content!” Makes all the difference, and it’s much more valuable.
  • Ensure that your testimonials are diverse and have meaning. Having the same testimonial repeated, but in different words has no value.
  • And of course always get the approval of your customer, before putting any testimony on your website, or other media.


A side benefit for your customer is that they get a link to their website and a plug for their business on your website, which is a total bonus when it comes to marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

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