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Creating a FREE PayPal Account - PayPal Payments Standard

With a PayPal Payments Page you can send customers an email with an invoice attached and a link to your Payment Page so they can pay you. It's a great weapon to battle that infamous "The Check is in the mail" line people like to throw out there at you and hope you bite. This way, you can say: "Actually, you can pay online, it's fast and easy! Just go to my website and click the Make a Payment button!" Boom! Procrastinating Customer averted!  >:)
When signing up for a Free PayPal account, we do recommend using an email address like or because customers see the email address when they get a receipt from PayPal after making their payment to you and it's way more professional.
Below are some instructions on setting up your PayPal account.

Setting up FREE PayPal account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Business Tab at the top
  3. Mouse over Complete Payment Solutions then click Standard
  4. Then Click the Get Started Button
  5. Follow the instructions from there (make sure you use an email address you want your customers to see because this email address is on the receipts they receive after making a payment to you). Also, this email address is the email you use to login to your PayPal account.
With this account there are no setup or monthly charges, just per transaction charges and of course, only if someone pays you through the payment page. You will always have the per-case option to just ask for a check and avoid any payment processing fees (which are approximately 2.7% to 3%).
As for getting your money after a payment has been made, you will need to add your regular bank account to the PayPal account so you can transfer funds from your new PayPal account to your bank. This process takes 1-3 business days and costs nothing when transferring. However, we recommend applying for a free debit MasterCard through PayPal for two reasons: 1. You can get your cash out instantly through an ATM or purchases. 2. You get 1% Cash BACK! on all your purchases if you signup for that add-on (free) we personally love it because it’s free cash, literally!
If you have any questions while setting this account up, just call PayPal: 1-888-818-3922
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