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Help Guide for SEO and Social Media


Search Optimization and Social Media Help Guide

The best thing you can do to increase your visiability and generate a network of potential buyers is engage in online marketing strategies such as SEO for your website or  web pages, utilize the power of Social Media with sites like Facebook and Twitter, Create a Blog of relevant and interesting material, and begin marketing your product line, service line, and website pages through an email newsletter campaign. Here are some helpful things to get you started.



  • Keyword - exact match
  • Meta key tags are irrelevant: Google doesn’t spider it  /metakeywords-altavista-metadescriptipns/title tags
  • robots.txt blocks Google from indexing page,  and you can password protect it to totally secure the page
  • Use Google Alerts to get alerts about what you’re tracking
  • Develop an Email newsletter  campaign
  • Email Newsletter be aware of the LOCATION OF BUTTONS / LINKS
  • Be diligent, it is a numbers game


  • Buttons on home page
  • Increase fans on page
  • Use images (most shared)
  • Ask questions to get comments and ask for the like
  • Fans want discounts and coupons (track able)
  • Keep your status updates under 90 characters
  • And ask for the like us or like me from audience


  • Build your followers actively always promote the twitter account
  • Tweets between 120-130 characters long
  • Ask for the retweet every time
  • Time of day for best results to post your tweet is afternoon between 3 to 5 in afternoon
  • Use specific keywords in your hash tags; example- SEO Services

Google +

  • Increase the number of circles for your profile; shoot for 50 to 100
  • Add the relative author to all content
  • Ask for the plus(+) 1 button from newsletters and other communications you send
  • Review how your content looks in your searches
  • Google + strategy for SEO pages add the plus(+) 1 (PLUS-1 strategy that can be used  is giving away a free product, or something wanted  in exchange for them hitting the Google + 1 button linked to the page


  • Keeping your image width greater the 570 pixels
  • Optimize the name of the image and the alt tag (compelling)
  • Don’t try to create images -- republish info graphic and give attributes
  • Ask for the Pinterest repin

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

  • PPC pay per click use a tracking code
  • Monitor it every day
  • Ad words - textual ads - Google search puts brackets around them so focus on buyer words
  • Add services and geographically target your market
  • The network is like ad sense
  • Image ads very simple images that are congruent to the home page- get it to convert


  • SEO keyword research  use ppc data
  • Competitor analysis - SEM is a way to see the competition
  • Primary and Secondary

Google Analytics

  • Look for low hanging fruit and look for the organic results
  • On page optimization -title and description
  • Link building anchor text varies  
  • is a tool
  • You want other people talking about your site through any source:  video, podcast, blog, social media
  • You want inbound links to your site - build inbound links
  • Provide valuable content
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