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How to update your Free Google Places (or Local) Listing


Google gives you a FREE Google Local Listing (or as they call it... Google Places Account). Sometimes they use information that is not accurate, or old. And sometimes this information just changes and you forget what your login was or even what email account was used in creating the listing. This short article will show you how they want you to go about updating that information.

  1. Login to the Google Account you want to control this listing with.
  2. Do a Google search for your company and city (for example: "Joe's Taco Shack Riverside CA")
  3. Click the reddish/orange pin next to the inaccurate address for your listing
  4. Click "More Info" to view the actual Google Listing for that address
  5. Click the "Manage This Page" Link
  6. Then just follow the instructions from there. You will basically just verify you own the company by verifying you can either receive a call at the number listed on the business listing or receive a postcard at that address. (the postcard will obviously take a lot longer to complete, so we recommend the "Verify by phone" option)
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