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Q: What is Hosting and do I really need it?
A:  Every website you see on the internet is hosted somewhere. Hosting is simply where a website is stored on a computer called a "Web Server". A web server is always on and always connected to the internet via extremely high speed connections (not just a DSL connection). Servers also require failsafe systems for both their internet connectivity and their power source to ensure consistent up time. Experienced maintenance is also needed to keep the server running smoothly and quickly. In addition to the storage is an operating system that runs all the needed scripts and additional programs that are constantly running to make the website function in many different ways. E-mails also go through the server to keep your communication flowing, and of course that brings us to the traffic usage.
Q: What is an FAQ?
A: An FAQ is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.
     We've compiled this list from a wide range of places. Some came from client inquiries, emails and calls, but most of them came from experience in providing a free advice service to our clients. If a new business (or old one for that matter) calls in and needs advice on their business marketing or an advertising related decision, we offer free advice with no strings attached. (we expect no business from you in return) The way we see it, we have been blessed with the knowledge, technology and experience for the sole purpose of helping others in any way we can. This is the true meaning of "service". It's "Serve" not "
     So if you have a marketing decision to make and you're not confident in your own experience, yet you have absolutely no intention of buying anything from us, give us a call and ask anyway.        It's truly free.

Q: How do I find high resolution photographs legally?
A: Great question! We obviously need really good photos if we're going to impress our customers, right? well, you can't exactly go searching the net for a photo, for two reasons:
1. You could be sued for making a profit off of someone else's work.
2. You usually won't find a good quality image worth using on the net.
The solution:    www.istock.com!
They are really reasonably priced and they have a huge selection.

Q: Can I supply my own file and if so, how?
A: Absolutely! Depending on the work we are doing for you, we will have some specifications and of course those specifications are to make your product the best it can be.
Upload your files by clicking here.
There is really no limitation to how large of a file we can accept, just limitations on how large of a file you can upload from your side.


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