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Every website you see on the internet is hosted somewhere. Hosting is simply where a website is stored on a computer called a "Web Server". A web server is always on and always connected to the internet via extremely high speed connections (not just a DSL connection). Servers also require failsafe systems for both their internet connectivity and their power source to ensure consistent up time. Experienced maintenance is also needed to keep the server running smoothly and quickly. In addition to the storage is an operating system that runs all the needed scripts and additional programs that are constantly running to make the website function in many different ways. E-mails also go through the server to keep your communication flowing, and of course that brings us to the traffic usage.

Cancellation of the hosting for this website requires notice of no less than 30 days in writing. Hosting cannot be billed for partial months.
Therefore mid-month cancellations will be billed through the end of that month. There are no refunds for hosting.

*CMS Websites are editable only through our CMS system if you have a website that you purchased from us and you did not choose the upgrade or if the upgrade was not an option when you purchased the website, you will need to upgrade your website in order to get the ability to edit your website using our CMS. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our CMS.