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Google claims to process over 70 million searches per day! Indeed, the majority of people around the world use Google as their only search engine. All these facts make Google the most powerful search engine currently available and deserves some special attention in this article.

What to know about Google?

Google has a complex and very advanced mechanism of measuring the relevancy of your website to specific keyword searches. Google keeps a detailed database of all web pages it visits and for its search results, it selects the most relevant in content websites and ranks them by their importance.

Google assigns ranks to web pages it visits to measure their importance. The rank is a quantitative way of assessing the quality and importance of your web page. The higher the rank is, the more important your web site is perceived by Google and higher it will come out it in relevant search results. Thus, a web page with a rank 6 will come up higher in search results than a web page with a rank 4, assuming their relevancy is the same. The longer your website is alive, the higher its rank will become.

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Note: Sometimes submitting your website to Google is not enough to have it indexed. The best way to be sure that your website will be indexed is if it is linked by another website that has already been found by Google. Thus, when Google robot crawls the other website, it will follow the outgoing link to your site as well and index you site.

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