• First logon to your gmail account and click on “Settings” at the top right corner
  • Once on “Settings” page, click on “Account and Import” tab.
  • Click on the “Add POP3 email account”, under the “Check mail using POP3:” section.
    gmail receive other email

  • A new window will popup, and enter the email account that you wish to receive email using gmail and click “Next step”. eg. mike@mycompany.com (** please disable your popup blocker or allow gmail to popup).
    gmail receive other email, gmail

  • Now, enter your username (the FULL email address), password and POP3 server location.

    Check the “Label incoming message…” for easy indication in inbox. Once everything completed, click on “Add Account”.
    * Your Server name is: mail.yourdomainnamehere.com
             (must be your domain name with mail. in front of it)

    setup gmail receive other email, gmail receive other email


  • Done. you have just add a new POP3 email account in GMail.

    gmail receive other email


  • Once everything done, go back to your “Settings” page and you will see your new email account under “Check mail using POP3:”. You may click on the “Check mail now” link to receive your other email. Happy emailing!

    gmail receive other email, gmail setup other email

    ALWAYS verify by sending and receiving a test email!